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The Internet has radically changed the way organizations communicate and manage the increasing flow of information. Today, enterprises need enhanced capabilities to control access to networks, applications and websites. However, much attention has been focused on detailing the operation of countermeasures (e.g. firewalls that protect against unauthorized traffic) but little attention is focused on the intranet, on who in the enterprise should visit, which part of enterprise information can be visited. They need to identify users, secure communication and digitally sign and encrypt email.

To support their efforts, Watchdata provides an advanced corporate security solution combining smart card and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies.

The solution safeguards privacy by providing controls over authentication and access throughout the company and external business communications. It also allows easy development and personalization of smart card ready applications.

For all the enterprises that plan to enhance their competence through security control, Watchdata brings them a more convenient, more secure and more efficient working environment based on its innovative technologies, categorized products and customized services.

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