Watchdata Technologies / recognized pioneer in digital security 

Watchdata supplies a variety of products and solutions for government, utility, healthcare and other public sector organizations. These include smart ID cards, records management solutions, embedded security access modules (ESAM), M2M communication systems, self-assessment modules (SAM) and other secure electronic devices that provide enhanced connectivity, accessibility and cost-effective reliability.


Watchdata has developed secure electronic systems based on smart-card technology that support e-government functions and allow more features and services to be added. They have been used for driving licenses, passports, vehicle registration, social security, customs, insurance, library, tax, tourism, transport, mobile payment, microfinance, banking, retail payment, financial inclusion and public distribution programs.

These smart cards conveniently record, retain and deliver secure personal information with fast transmission speeds while offering protection against fraud, identity theft, hacking, intrusion and other security threats. Our products all contain secure PKI data protection technologies and the most up-to-date encryption certifications. They include true random number generation (RNG), dedicated high-end microprocessor platforms (ITSEC E4), and support DES, 3DES, SSF33, SM1 and RSA algorithms. They are certified for DPA and SPA, ISO, SCOSTA, RSBY, PK, ePay, ED/EP, TimeCOS and CC EAL5+.

Utility Metering

Watchdata has developed an embedded security access module to provide a secure hardware platform for smart-metering applications. This ESAM can be attached to utility meters and other devices to provide secure communication, data encryption and decryption, M2M, two-way authentication, access control, line protection and key export functions. The encrypted ESAM chip provides functional stability, design flexibility, high-security and large data storage capacity for meter-reading, billing and payment functions.

Watchdata has also pioneered the development of pre-paid metering systems that use smart cards as payment and top-up devices. This ensures more cost control, timely collection and greater energy-saving awareness. Its security protection prevents malicious attacks on the utility system. We have also developed a mobile utility purchasing system, through which customers can make utility payments with their cell phones using a modified SIM card.

Health Care

Watchdata has developed a smart-card based portable health record solution to facilitate efficient health data management and improve accessibility to patient health records. This solution avoids the perils of building large data centers that are slow to implement, rely on unreliable network connections and are prone to attack. Our smart card system is a patient-centered, complementary approach that provides easy access and protects patient privacy.

Watchdata’s solution includes high data storage capacities, dual-interface data access based on ISO 7816 and USB standards, embedded security mechanisms such as DES, 3DES, AES and RSA, SQL-like APIs for easier deployment, and XML processing for easier integration. It provides complete, accurate and searchable health record data, reduces administrative costs, improves efficiency and information retrieval and enhances patient experience.

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