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The microchip has transformed the management of transportation systems, providing more convenience, safety, security, savings and flexibility. Watchdata is constantly designing new technologies to help transportation systems add payment features, attractive benefits and loyalty services.

Watchdata has supplied millions of smart cards to transportation system operators all over the world. Every day more than 12 million tap-and-go transactions are made possible by Watchdata, and commuters are rapidly realizing the convenience of having a single payment platform for transportation and a variety of add-on payment applications.

More than a Smart Card

Watchdata has gained a reputation for being one of the most innovative smartcard providers in the industry. We develop flexible multi-application transportation solutions that are fast, reliable and secure, using Java and native operating systems, CC EAL 5+ chip security, DES, 3DES, ECC and RSA algorithms, supporting Calypso, CEPAS, SCOSTA, ERP, LTA, NIC, and PBOC standards, and offer a variety of mobile payment form factors such as URpass, SDpass, SIMpass and SIMpass-SC.

Added Payment Options

Watchdata works closely with transportation managers, engineers, technical specialists, procurement and finance departments to provide total solutions that include preparation, orientation, on-time delivery and after-sales service. We also offer a variety of add-on features, such as NFC, e-purse and e-payment options using TimeCOS, CeWave, EMV, Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass and VSDC that can be used with buses, subways, taxis, parking areas, lotteries, retail stores, restaurants, posters, ticketing, vending machines and other services.

Roaming Cards

In partnership with both transportation authorities and business sectors, we have developed multi-application transportation “roaming card” mobile payment solutions that users can top-up and conveniently use for payment in a variety of transportation systems, retail outlets and mobile payment locations in distant different cities. The added value provides enhanced branding and customer loyalty features.

Electronic Toll Collection

Our Quipass ETC toll collection solution includes road-side (RSU) and on-board (OBU) units that use DSRC technology, ISO/CEN DSRC standards, ESAM and PSAM modules and 3DES and RSA algorithms, with RS485, TCP/IP, IPC, Windows, Linux and DOS API options. Watchdata engineers are now developing a next-generation ERP urban congestion toll solution using GPS satellite positioning technology.

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