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Security is an essential concern for banks, credit unions, investment firms, credit card companies and a wide variety of other financial institutions. Watchdata has developed highly secure digital transaction solutions to protect financial institutions and their customers from cybercrime threats such as hacking, identity theft, malware, viruses, worms, phishing, pharming and other kinds of fraud.

Our banking solutions incorporate the latest algorithm and cryptographic functions, conforming to PKCS, Microsoft CryptoAPI (CAPI), RSA 1024 and 2048-bit key pair generation, DES, 3DES, AES, SHA-1, SHA-256 and MD5 standards. The systems support Windows, Linux Kernel and Macintosh operating systems, and Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers. They are compliant with ISO/IEC 7816, NIST and CAPV authentication standards and plug into PKI systems, browsers, mail and VPN clients.

Online Banking

E-banking transactions provide high ROI for financial institutions and greater convenience, loyalty and satisfaction for customers. Security remains a major concern however, since customers often do not have adequate password protection or security software.

With an independent chip operating system (COS) to prevent attacks, USB security tokens are highly effective e-banking authentication solutions, and Watchdata has provided over 40 million USB token solutions that are certified by FIPS, CVP, FCC and RoHS. They support multiple independent firewall-protected applications, file types and data storage, and are currently used by many of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world.

Our WatchKey™ system, based on PKI encryption technology and the award-winning TimeCOS™ operating system, is high-speed, plug-and-play and portable. For added security, the WatchKey OCL™ solution provides the highest level of security assurance through multi-factor authentication. It adds a physical certification procedure to the encryption system through an interactive display screen and button confirmation sequence that locks out hackers completely.

EMV and Mobile Payment

Watchdata has supplied millions of mobile payment solutions for many years, and is constantly developing innovative new technologies to support customer demand in this sector. Many of our solutions represent new partnership alliances between business sectors such as banking, retail, transportation and telecom.

We developed an award-winning single-chip EMV smart card, for example, co-issued by Singapore’s DBS bank, EZ-Link transportation system and Visa, which combines EMV, Visa payWave and transport payment features. It supports the Singapore e-purse standard (CEPAS) and deploys the most advanced smart card security available, ensuring reliability in authenticating each payment transaction.

Contactless Solutions

Watchdata has developed a variety of mobile client and payment solutions, such as SIMpass, URpass, SDpass and SIMpass-SC, that work in combination with mobile telephones. These provide EMV non-card form factor (NCFF) contactless payment options and allow the implementation of multiple applications, such as those in transportation systems, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave or closed-loop retail applications.

Watchdata mobile applications provide user-friendly interfaces to process secure transactions. These allow users to access all mobile payment functions and to easily check both online and offline transaction records. They can be customized for other applications -- such as e-purse, e-tickets, e-coupons, remote payments, money transfer, top-up and bill payments -- to suit customer requirements. Our solutions are plug-and-play, compatible with standards such as ISO 14443, CC EAL5+, ISO/IEC 7816, Calypso, Mifare M1 S50, EMV, CeWave, Visa, MasterCard, EuroPay, Cepas, ETSI, SDA, DDA, PKI and DES.

Payment Platforms

The Watchdata Unified Payment and Clearing Platform (UPCP) is a secure and efficient management system that provides customer behavior analysis and enhanced average revenue per user (ARPU) data. Our Trusted Service Manager (TSM) platforms support a variety of business models, more partnership opportunities and enhanced market expansion capabilities, as well as powerful statistics and business analysis features.

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